2005 Subaru Forester XT 2.5

The second of Subaru cars, the 2005 XT. 2.5 was bought as a bit of a risk: high mileage (160 000); scruffy body work but the service history was pretty compressive and the previous owner had spent over £4000 in maintenance over 3 years. The care was taken to North Motor Co a Subaru specialist based in Cheriton, Hampshire for a look over and service. The cam belt was overdue for change which was done as a precaution. The car drove well and appeared to be marginally quicker than the previous, 2003 model. Part of the service at North Motor company included a new back box which took away the magic Subaru ‘rumble’ which I had fully intended to replace with a Hayward & Scott unit or similar until…

to be continued

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