Art Research

Currently writing up a PhD proposal that examines memory, time and the digital image. My research started with a series of digital photographs taken late at night whilst out walking the dog. My primary aim was to capture images that reflected a fragmented and distorted journey over the course of two weeks. I had no intention of using the images other than the Twitter feed I originally set up for the project but another piece cam out of that experience title From Me Flows What You Call Time an acrylic  Using a smart phone in low light conditions was always going to be a technological challenge, it was a mixed bag affair that was finally edited down to 75 images that formed a mock up book, Mirror: Moving Image.

Looking ahead, the basis of the research project, a book with words and images, North Walls is sitting on my studio desk in mock up form. The aim is to produce a series of digital prints from the book for an exhibition when it’s finished.